Naked Dough

Make Your Own Naked Dough

Make Your Own Naked Dough


Make your very own Naked Dough classic cookie dough at home!

Makes eight portions (Approx. 720 grams of edible raw cookie dough).

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Our first-of-its-kind ready-to-mix edible cookie dough is a great activity for a rainy day, dinner party or movie night. Store the pouch in your cupboard and when you fancy a cookie dough fix, simply add butter and milk!

Choose from our delicious flavours:


Vanilla dough and chocolate chips


Classic vanilla dough, sprinkles and baby marshmallows


White Chocolate Chips and Vanilla cookie dough


Dark Chocolate Chips and Cocoa cookie dough



Soften 150g butter*
Pour your Naked Dough dry mixture into a bowl. Add softened butter and 70ml of milk*
Mix either with a wooden spoon or in a mixer until ingredients come together and you are left with a fudge-like consistency.
Scoop or shape, add toppings and enjoy!

*vegan alternatives may be used here with our EMOJI POOS flavour to give a vegan cookie dough.

Useful Dough Info

The pouch makes eight portions which is a whopping 720g (approx), so if you’re not keen to eat the full whammy in one sitting, simply take out a portion of the mix and add the butter and milk portions accordingly. Seal the pouch back up and store it back in the cupboard for another cookie dough day! OR make it all up, but put some in the fridge or freezer for later.

Ingredients include gluten.

Emoji Poos is suitable for vegans if made up with a vegan butter and milk substitute (however, these pouches are are made in a factory which handles dairy).

May contain nuts and soya.

Flavours containing marshmallow contain gelatine.

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