September 25, 2020

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Brownie Batter cookie dough from Naked Dough.

A brownie a day keeps the frownies away…

October is almost here and for the new month, we have a NEW LIMITED EDITION FLAVOUR ?

The days are getting colder and the nights are drawing in, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy…


It’s the seasonal dessert / treat / snack you never knew you were missing… until NOW!

A chocolate cookie dough with real triple chocolate (that’s dark, milk, white) brownie pieces swirled all throughout, it’s choco-loco-licious! A MUST for all you chocoholics out there ?

It’s available to pre-order online now in 150g ready-to-eat tubs, pints and party packs¬†and starts to ship from Monday 28th September.

As ever, this is a strictly limited edition flavour – we’ve made one big batch, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Fill your baskets now!

Brownie Batter Cookie Dough.

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