Naked Dough

Cookie Dough Ice Lollies Recipe

A GREAT Summer Dessert to try ?
We’ve been playing around in our kitchen and come up with a super-easy summer dessert / snack / treat recipe that we think you’re gonna love: Cookie Dough Lollies.

You will need: Cookie Dough, Ice lolly moulds, a knife, a freezer, hot water, a selection of toppings.

Method & Ingredients:

1. Buy a Pick n Mix selection of Naked Dough
2. Put the dough in your lolly moulds – make sure you stuff down well it into every nook and cranny!
3. Put in the freezer for at least 4 hours.
4. Once completely frozen, dip into boiling water or pour hot water over the mould for 30 seconds to help release.
5. Remove gently from the moulds using a knife to run along the edges if still tricky.
6. Decorate using sprinkles, marshmallows, chopped up Oreos, caramel and chocolate sauce (or whatever else takes your fancy).
7. Gobble up!

What are they like? Imagine a more solid, cold cookie dough. They’re great fun to decorate and very satisfying to munch in a hot day.

If you make these, do let us know how you get on! Tag us in your pics on Insta, Facebook or Twitter x